Aging Well with CBD

CBD can help every facet of your life, from sleep and fitness to anxiety and even joint pain management. Using CBD for wellness in conjunction with good sleep habits, fitness, and eating balanced whole meals can help your body age well. Today we’re going to talk about aging well with CBD. 

CBD and Sleep 

As you age, you may find that it is harder to fall asleep or even to stay asleep. Additionally, you may find you are waking up more throughout the night after previously sleeping well. 

Did you know that studies have found that CBD can help you sleep better? Even better, CBD can even potentially help with insomnia

Integrating CBD into your nighttime routine (about 30 minutes before you want to fall asleep) can help your body have better sleep, fall asleep faster, and help you stay asleep. While CBD might not magically fix all of the sleep troubles you’re facing as you age, CBD oil - especially our combined tinctures. 

Our Extra Strength Mint Cream oil has CBD and CBN in it, making it perfect for winding down after a long day and getting some good rest. Because this tincture contains 3mg of THC per serving, it's important to note that it could have an intoxicating effect depending on your tolerance to THC.

 If you’ve had a long, stressful day, or are dealing with sleep disruptions, our Extra Strength Mint Cream oil is going to be your best bet. For your deepest sleep, our CBD PM oil combines all of the goodness (CBD, CBN, and THC plus Valerian Root and Chamomile) into one tasty sleep-inducing tincture. Adults can take 1-2ml (60-120mg CBD) one hour before bedtime, or as needed. 

CBD and Fitness

As we age, exercise is so important to bone health, mobility, and general well-being. Exercise can help reduce the risk of impairment for older adults as there is an important connection between muscle strength and overall function and mobility. 

There are many positives for aging adults to stay active, and the best part is that it’s not difficult to integrate easy activity into your daily routine.

 A great way to start is adding a daily walk into your routine, and then adding some mobility to get started.  If you’re noticing that your muscles or joints are feeling the strain of some of your workouts, our CBD Max Lotion (or any of our tinctures!) can make a huge difference in your overall recovery and post-workout muscle pain. 

Eating Well with CBD

Eating balanced healthy meals as you age can help your body feel its best. Eating well can help boost your energy levels, keep your brain feeling sharp, and help your immune system work efficiently. Adding CBD to your cooking can help you experience the benefits of CBD without needing to take a tincture or gummy.    

As long as you’re not boiling it for hours on the stove, you’re fine to add CBD into your cooking wherever you feel like it. 

Smoothies are a nutrient powerhouse that can get your day started on the right foot. Adding CBD, collagen, and yogurt to your smoothie can give you the extra boost you need to get through your day. You can also add CBD into oatmeal, into butter (and bake into protein bars), or add some to your scrambled eggs as they’re cooking.  

You can always add CBD to hot chocolate (peppermint or cinnamon are amazing with cocoa!), coffee, or even to your evening cup of Chamomile for extra sleep help. Even better, add a dropper of unflavored CBD to Tart Cherry Juice 45 minutes before bed for maximum melatonin production and sleep support (you can also use our CBD PM which is a mint-lemon flavor, but the flavor combo paired with the cherry juice isn’t for everyone).

Wrapping Up

CBD is a powerhouse tool to keep in your toolkit - especially as you age. CBD can help you sleep better, improve your workout recovery, and can even be snuck into your cooking to help give your system a little boost when you need it. No matter what life stage you’re at, we have something for you. As always, give us a shout if you have questions or want help finding the perfect product for you. We’re here to help!

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