Cooking and Baking with CBD

We’ve been talking through some of our favorite ways to use CBD in your day-to-day life and one of the easiest ways to incorporate more CBD into your routine is through cooking with it.

 If you’re one of our email subscribers you’ve seen a preview of our new series about our favorite CBD recipes, but today we’re going to unpack some more. 

Will Heating CBD Hurt the Nutritional Benefits?

In short, no. 

In more detail, CBD has a higher boiling point than water and can heat to above 350ºF without damaging the structure of the oil, and you could cook CBD in a batch of cookies at 350ºF without losing any of the benefits associated with CBD oil. Depending on how high you heat the oil some of the flavor might evaporate, but otherwise, feel free to cook and bake with CBD like any other baking addition.

How to Bake with CBD

An easy way you can cook with CBD is to melt the amount of CBD you’ll be using into your butter

If you’re unsure how much CBD you want to use, you can look at the total number of servings in your recipe and decide if you want to use whole or half droppers of CBD (½ - 1 full dropper is one serving). For instance, if a batch of cookies makes 12 cookies and uses 1 stick of butter, melt your butter, add 12 droppers of CBD into the butter, and refrigerate until solid again. Then you can use the butter in your recipe how you normally would. Your best bet is to use unflavored CBD to avoid having unintended flavors added to your recipe. Once you’ve made CBD Butter, you can bake with it like you would any regular butter, and just store it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.

Cooking with CBD

 Similar to baking with CBD, you can use CBD oil in regular cooking recipes, and adding the oil to your butter or oil is an easy way to include it in your recipe. Watch your overall recipe temperature, and if you’re going to be searing, boiling, or otherwise using high temperatures, save the CBD oil for the end of your recipe, and add unflavored CBD oil to your pasta sauce, gravy, or soup toward the end of your cooking time. You can also add CBD oil to salad dressings and other oil-based sauces, just make sure to calculate the total number of servings you want to make. 

Recipes with CBD

You can add CBD into any regular recipe you’re baking or cooking! Once you’ve made CBD butter or measured out the number of servings of CBD you’re using in your recipe, you can make whatever recipe you feel like. Some of our favorites are Chocolate Chip Cookies (or just cookie dough!), adding unflavored CBD to homemade balsamic salad dressing (add CBD oil to the olive oil!) or even adding CBD to your breakfast smoothie. 

The opportunities are really endless with CBD, and as long as you’re not boiling it for hours on the stove, you’re fine to add CBD into your cooking wherever you feel like it. Have fun with it!

You can always add CBD into hot chocolate (peppermint or cinnamon are amazing with cocoa!), coffee, or even to your evening cup of Chamomile for extra sleep help. Even better, add a dropper of unflavored CBD to Tart Cherry Juice 45 minutes before bed for maximum melatonin production and sleep support (you can also use our CBD PM which is a mint-lemon flavor, but the flavor combo paired with the cherry juice isn’t for everyone). 

Our Recommendations

Unless you’re specifically making peppermint hot chocolate (which, by the way, is delicious) your best option is using our unflavored CBD oil for any of your cooking endeavors. Baking and Cooking with CBD is an amazing way to get extra CBD in your system and is an easy way to mix up your recipes. 

Tag us on Instagram @leehempco with any baking adventures you partake in! We’d love to see what you make!

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