CBD for Muscle Recovery

What Is CBD?

CBD is one of many naturally occurring chemicals in cannabis. There has been tension over the legality of cannabis and stigma surrounding this plant due to another chemical present: THC. Legally, there is an important distinction between the types of cannabis. In order for hemp to be grown commercially it must contain less than 0.3% THC. Once the hemp is cultivated, cannabinoids are extracted, specifically cannabidiol which is better known as CBD. The distinction between these two compounds is also important for their use. THC is well known for it's intoxicating properties. On the other hand, CBD will not get you high. However, both have a soothing effect on the body which has been the topic for recent scientific study. You can read more about CBD and THC at our blog here.

CBD and Working Out

If you are considering CBD for muscle recovery, you're not alone. Whether it's after a long day of work, adventures in the great outdoors, or a CrossFit workout people are using CBD to help muscle recovery. To understand if and how CBD affects muscle recovery we need to know why we get sore in the first place.

Whatever your fitness level is, physical exertion can leave you feeling sore. This is due to muscle damage (1). The result is inflammation, stiffness, or soreness. There are many ways to treat muscle soreness such as rest, ice, and over-the-counter medications and we have found lee hemp cbd to be a great natural, organic alternative for rapid relief.

The Science of CBD for Recovery

Due to the stigma surrounding CBD and the many anecdotal claims of it's benefits, it is important to find the truth about this chemical. For this authority we look to the NCBI Sports Medicine Journal (2). Here we see the preclinical evidence of "anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and analgesic effects of CBD". Because exercise induced muscle soreness is an inflammatory process and CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation, studies prove CBD not only stimulates the production of antil-inflammatory ctokines but inhibits production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. 

Our Opinion of CBD for Recovery

As previously stated, there are many choices in treating muscle soreness. The benefit of CBD over other options is the organic nature of the compound combined with it's safety and other benefits. For instance, if you are feeling sore in a specific muscle group our Max CBD topicals may provide you with the fast relief you are looking for while providing great care to your skin. If you prefer an oral solution, the CBD tincture can also help reduce inflammation while aiding in mitigating stress and help you sleep so you recover faster. Whatever your use case is, give us a try. We truly believe in the benefits of CBD for recovery.


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